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I am really proud to carry on the family business and to continue the hard work of my father Felice Riva. I am happy to have brought innovation to the company and to have developed the authentic Riva style.

Changing is never easy and only talent, passion, love and a lot of patience and efforts can lead to success.

The search for details, the love for perfection and the uniqueness of the design make Riva Group the reference point in the luxury furniture market. These are the elements which can never be missed in every piece of furniture leaving my company, and which make Riva one of the best italian furniture brands.

The secret of success certainly is continuous innovation and research, always with a precious touch of tradition that will always be present in my work.

It’s an honor for me to represent the authentic Made in Italy through my luxury products and my company.

Riva Project
Riva Mobili D'Arte

Collections: Classic Furniture 100% Made in Italy

Innovation, research and love.

Every year a new collection to renew and to dream. Our exclusive collections include precious materials such as malachite, mother of pearl and fine marbles, tridimensional carvings and artistic products. Our classic furniture sets are studied to make your wish come true and to create that unique design that everyone dreams of living in their own luxury home.

Open, discover and dream.


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Innovate to grow, research to develop: we never stop daring and keep on setting new goals to be achieved. Check our news to be always updated on our latest interior design ideas, classic luxury home inspirations and Riva new projects.


We would like to share with you our daily life, to make you be part of our family and let you feel the warmth of our company. Check out our Instagram feed for more inspirations of luxury villas interior design, original Italian furniture and custom made products.


The Italian Luxury Group

Discover all shapes of Made in Italy

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The Italian Luxury Group

Discover all shapes of Made in Italy

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