Beauty is the icon of style


Beauty is the icon of style

Every day is a masterpiece in Riva Mobili d’Arte.

A company, a vision, the art of crossing style and time, dressing luxury residences.

We start the new year by enriching our creative versatility and expanding the concept of space, with a design sparkle that exceeds any aesthetic code. 

A different representation of “beauty” blends with a rare quality level of implementation and materials. The lines evoke their own personalization and each item is dressed in an Iconic charm. 

Discover the spirit of our collections.

Dedicate yourself time deserve.

The Client is special to us. In our offices there will always be a person at your disposal, to provide you with any details, help you enter our world and support you during your selections.  

Every moment is a new chapter to write, a new picture to paint, a new idea to realize. 

In Riva Mobili D’Arte the image lights up with meaning.

We will draw the strength of your thoughts; the soul of color, will transform that on the white canvas. 

Start your 2022 with a unique experience. 

Firma Francesco Riva

Enjoy the Italian Luxury

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