Dolly Collection

The small Dolly classic children bedroom was inspired by the dreams of young girls, their sweetness and also their desire to live a princess life.

Starting with a design from the Hermitage Collection, some of the details were innovated, for example by using coated French lacquering matched with handmade decorations, precious fabrics and fine embroidered curtains in delicate pink shades. All contributes to create a lively and comfortable environment complete with every tiny accessory and complement for a luxury bedroom of a little princess.


Luxury Princess Bedroom

Princess Classic Bedroom
Classic Children Wardrobe
Luxury Princess Bed

Much care was taken over the proportions in order to create items sized for a young girl, from the desk to the small sofa, from the pouf to the small toilet, seeking every ways to pamper her during the day, making her feel at ease in an environment created especially for her

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