Giardino Italiano Collection

When the previous Raffles collection was designed and developed, a particular emphasis was placed on increasing volumes, seeking an original style, suitable for classic dining rooms and living rooms. An example is the display case with its sloping lines and the classic canopy bed with its wide vertical arches.

However, the following collection was going to be used in a residential context strongly surrounded by nature, the seasons and all the elements that reminds of the natural passing of time.

In designing the new collection, it seemed logical to create an artistic model which also paid a lot of attention to the elements of nature that surround us, but rather than work on prominent shapes we decided to create a new design, starting with a sober, elegant luxury style that speaks a simpler language.


Luxury Design Wood Carving Bed


Carved Wood Sofa


Hand-Carved Cabinet


In the Giardino Italiano collection the seemingly rigid forms recall the simple but majestic volumes of so called “glasshouses” or “orangeries” that whilst created in Italy in the 16th century, they then became very popular in northern Europe and particularly in England, at the height of the Victorian era splendid botanical gardens were created with these elegant structures to enrich private and public green spaces

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