Raffles Collection

The intuition of new trends has a fundamental role in any sector, but for luxury furniture it is an important element which encourages the continuous research and the development of new ideas and concepts, to create unique classic pieces for every kind of eĢlite project.

For Raffles Collection Riva Mobili Dā€™Arte searched for a different interpretation of the usual classic furniture, accurately seeking new shapes and innovative decorations and volumes, for a style that creates a pleasant artistic effect, while maintaining stylistic characteristics typical of the ancient luxury furniture of Italian and French influence.

Raffles Collection, even with bold shapes is carried out using solid wood, gold leaf, powder and patina antique effects, precious fabrics and embroidery curtains. Materials and antique techniques for an incomparable ā€œRomantic Italian Dreamā€.

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The Raffles bed, now easily recognisable, truly representsĀ this spirit that differs from the others: interpretingĀ classical style in a new way, outside the usual rigid stylisticĀ constraints

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