Comacina Living Room


Comacina Living Room

Comacina is the most recent collection by Riva Mobili D’Arte and, thanks to its refined details, represents the maximum expression of the Maison’s creativity, savoir-faire and creative ingenuity.

For the Comacina collection, as for each piece of the company’s collections, the creative process began with a dream, a wish, which then turned into a sketch and finally took shape.

The strong point of this collection is the search for details to ensure authenticity, craftsmanship, and give life to the true Riva Mobili D’Arte style.

Skillful carving is the main element of every single item in the collection.

The sinuous shapes of the sofas and armchairs, made of exclusive fabrics whose decorations recall the designs of the collection, are the main products in the living area.

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