Luxury Classic Furniture

Francesco Riva – Owner & Luxury Interior Designer

Francesco Riva gathered all his energies to create Riva Mobili D’Arte, following the passion and the tradition of the family in the world of furniture and woodwork.

The story begin in the late 50’s, when his father Felice Riva founded the brand M.A. RIVA. He started as a small art studio and each furniture was completely realized with craft labour and few means.

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Leading Italian Luxury Furniture

Today Riva Mobili D’Arte is one of the most important companies of Luxury Classic Furniture at worldwide level, with an internal production covering an area of more than 8000 m2, and a staff of almost 50 professional employees.

Classic Furniture Handmade in Italy

Every year a new collection is released and new ideas are developed to maintain the high level and clients’ expectations.

Currently Riva Mobili D’Arte counts 14 original collections, each one with specific finishings and complete furniture sets for dining room, classic dining table, luxury living room furniture, classic bedroom, office, classic study table, bathrooms, kitchens and much more.

Our target is to provide an excellent service to our customers, and in order to provide full support Mr. Francesco Riva decided few years ago to open the division RIVA PROJECT, through which we take care of every step of our clients’ projects.


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