Bolvedro Collection

Every day is different from the next, every sunrise brings a magic moment: mirrored in the clear waters of Lake Como there is Bolvedro.

From this small village on the shores of the lake, the new exclusive collection of Riva Mobili D’Arte comes alive, inspired by the Baroque époque of the location and with a classic but original style suitable for the many VIP villas located nowadays on the nearby lake edges.

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A collection that is seduced by the glass and, through special processing, elevates to a state of the art the materials with which it is combined. This new vision of furniture is the daughter of a classic style that indulges in stylistic experimentation of contemporary impact. Glass as a symbol of luxury combined with quality materials and finished in a unique style. The desire of the highest design philosophy of woods and finishes shows its be in a new and elegant collection, synonymous of Riva continuity

Its elegance, forms that defy physics, shaped by skilled hands, marked by work and bearers of beauty. The emotions we feel at the sight of a stunning landscape and the infinite wisdom of the artistic nature (first inspiring muse of the art) inserted into your home create the world’s artistic soul which lives in every human heart


Luxury Bed

Luxury Royal Sofa Set Design

Custom-made Luxury Pool Table

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