Comacina Collection

“As an estimator of Lake Como and its beauty, many of Riva Mobili D’Arte’s collections are born from the inspiration of the things that surround me. I let myself be guided by everything around me, by the sights, colours and smells. Isola Comacina is a strip of land surrounded by Como Lake and accessible by boat. With its beautiful nature and splendid landscapes, it is a small jewel of the Italian territory’.

Cav. Francesco Riva, owner and founder of Riva Mobili D’Arte.

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The new Riva Mobili D’Arte furniture collection follows the changing needs of the international market and interprets the concept of classic luxury furniture through new and innovative designs, sophisticated fabrics and precious inlays.

For the Comacina Collection, as for each of the Maison’s collections, the creative process begins with a dream, a desire, which is then transformed into a sketch and then finally takes shape.

With the new collection Riva Mobili D’Arte expands and refines its range of collections with ever new creativity, refined details and luxurious design.

Luxury Bedroom 

Classic Dining Room

Royal Bedroom

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