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Riva Group unites three companies that represent the excellence of Made in Italy in the world. The soul of all this is Cavaliere Francesco Riva, who believed in the family business, founded by his father Felice Riva, in the 50s and transformed it in one of the most influential companies in the fur­niture world. Adventure and metamorphosis began with Riva Mobili D’Arte.

The innovation, the investment on the internal production have helped to quickly reach the goal and the new finishes and the uniqueness of the de­sign, while deliberately keeping the soul of the tradition and never aban­doning the hand work of the furniture have marked indelibly the talent of Francesco Riva and awarded Riva Mobili D’Arte as one of the most impor­tant companies in the world of classic furniture.

Change is never easy and only with talent, love, passion, sacrifice and a lot of patience is possible to arrive to the success. Francesco Riva has continued with great courage the path he has set and thanks to the success of Riva Mobili D’Arte and thanks to the complete structure of all the production phases, Rivatelier was born. Contemporary design and luxurious finishes to keep up with the time and meet the needs of all customers. Piece of art that have no age, comforta­ble and refined with a refinement that completes every environment. The search for details, the love for perfection and the uniqueness of design are the fixed points contained in every Riva Group piece. Every year, for more than 20 years, Salone Del Mobile represents the most awaited moment of the year, where Riva Group annually presents all the news with new collec­tions and new finishes. This moment of the year is not only awaited by Fran­cesco Riva and by their customers, but also by all companies in the sector.

The innovations of Riva Group represent punctually the reference to follow as lines and design. Learning to grow and grow to improve, these are the words that stimulate Francesco Riva to never stop setting new goals. Riva Project is the third company in the group dedicated to Contract, exactly to those customers who prefer to entrust their home in the expert hands of a professional. So Riva Project studies the whole project, looking for the best solutions to meet the tastes of customers and creating the atmosphere that every person would like to live in their own home. During the Salone Del Mobile, customers are shown the projects created with the presentation of samples, drawings and the final result to give a complete idea of what can be achieved by entrusting their home to Riva Project. The secret of the Riva Group’s success is certainly the continuous innovation and research with the touch of tradition always present in the soul of every piece of furniture.

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