That term that derives from emotions, whatever those emotions are, positive or negative, they will always lead us to change one’s being. This is the exact strength that all of us need at this moment. The problems we face make us stronger, which is in the time being everyone became aware of this fact.

All of us have had faced more or less big difficulties during their life, only with the strength have given us the power to continue. The strength that give us all the courage and does not allow us to feel fragile. Every one of us has to search deep within to find the determination. Mine is to enjoy those little things in life, that matters the most.

The family, my favourite places, my work, and all the tireless efforts of all the last twenty years… For all that every day I find in myself the energy to attack with all of my force, and this is the secret of my strength.

I hope for all of you to have the same strength, I wish that you can find your own strength. The Strength to exist and resist in such a hard time that is putting a strain on all of us, but from which we will soon come out better and stronger than before.

Francesco Riva

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